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ARTIST // Rika Von Schneider



In this futurisic city the measure of all things is no longer GDP, and the task of the people is not reduced to the purchase of goods.
Mechanization has continued to advance, and this progress was not understood as an incentive to work harder, rather as one to work less. The two-day workweek is now the standard and changed how people live. They now find meaning in learning, creating and interpersonal contact, without the capitalist pressure to over-consume. They no longer need shopping malls and office buildings because of these shifting priorities. People now need new spaces for leisure instead.

What if we made our wonderful church architecture again what it once was: the center of society? Detached from religion, churches could be a place of meeting, leisure, learning and creating. They could be the center of a human-friendly and climate-friendly world.
Potsdam, too, has a large number of churches built by its citizens, but with dwindling parishioners, only a few are still being used. With the will to share and through multidisciplinary use, completely new meeting centers could be created in previously religiously appropriated architecture, for example in the newly built Garnisonkirche.


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