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Future Quake Berlin

Future Quake Berlin by Antonia Nestler

ARTIST // Antonia Nestler




In 150 years, life in Berlin is something like this: The city is a place of encounter. The anonymity that prevails now has largely disappeared; people know each other and exchange ideas. Projects are being realised, there are shared music and creative spaces. Everyone can use the living space; vacant flats are made available to the public. Food is produced within the city. Districts have shared market halls, where crops are both grown and sold. Unfortunately, as the sea level will have risen by quite a bit by then, the city of Berlin (as well as many other surrounding cities) is flooded. However, this is being used for the better: public transport is diverted to boats in the water (and is also free). The resulting canals and lakes give the cityscape a pleasant, fresh and cosy atmosphere.


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