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Age of the Turtles

ARTIST // Sophia Sigel



The world as we knew it is over. Some believe because we discovered greater things than consumption and economy. Some believe because something terribly went wrong. Now, we don’t know, and we don’t want to know.

In the aftermath of a shattered world, Mika and Echo lead a nomadic caravan, uniting for dynamic festivals. Cities pulse with multicultural celebrations, blending traditions seamlessly. Stories become lifeblood, echoing respect for the world. Home is where bonds thrive, tended by passing caravans on expansive fields.

Amidst the landscape, agile groups inhabit villages, repairing, exchanging, and adapting to relentless rains. Futuristic cities offer refuge, repurposing obsolete tech into innovative solutions. Horses and pets regain prominence, signaling a shift from high to low-tech.

Witness a spinning wheel, born from old bicycles, powered by dynamos illuminating electric glow for children. Herbs dangle from cables, once conduits of electricity, now a fusion of past and present. Movement propels life—dynamos on wheels generate power, sustaining constant journeys, providing life, water, and hot meals.

This future isn’t just observed; it’s lived, a dynamic canvas where resilience thrives amidst perpetual change. Nomadic caravans symbolize hope, blending tradition and innovation, tales of resilience etching a vibrant future.


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