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ARTIST // Linda Gagelmann

MUSIC // Roberta Dragone



In this mushroom city, Mycelium, the symbiosis of tree and mushroom allows a cocoon-like house to grow. Tree roots are wetted with mycelium spores and the mycelium grows around an inflatable cocoon form. When the mesh is dense enough, it is allowed to harden. The inflatable mould is removed and what remains is a housing unit that is almost ready for occupation. Only windows and doors need to be inserted. This means that building materials no longer have to be transported from A to B, as the house grows on site. This way, even regions that are difficult to access can be settled.

The design brings a rocky desert back to life. Inside of the cocoon, inhabitants are sheltered from the wind and can live a cosy life. A cocoon is not very big, but that‘s not bad because you hardly have to move. Like in a cockpit, everything is within reach and at most an arm‘s length away, lying on a soft mycelium mat.


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