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Deep Sea Research Station

ARTIST // Jan Schneider




This image is an overpainted digital photomontage. The superficial photorealism gives the impression that it is about the visualization of real events or a concrete idea that is in the planning stage. In order to break this impression, I chose a symmetrical image composition that makes what is depicted appear artificially exaggerated and surreal.


The topic focuses on ocean lovers. It is intended to let as many people as possible become ocean lovers so that each one can contribute to a livable future on our blue planet by behaving in a sustainable way. Therefore, a project is initiated to offer insights in scientific research in the hardly accessible Deep Sea. Because facts are hard to transmit and therefore emotional connections need to be made to touch people’s minds and hearts. In 2050 there will be a very progressive station in the middle of the open sea where a direct entry point to the deep sea is constructed. For that construction only sustainable resources are used and all needed energy is processed out of the oceans. Also the food is grown directly in this station. Therefore the station is recognized as an experience space for sustainable living and recreation

Our future is not in outer space but in the ocean. If this station is developed then we can duplicate mobile stations to reach out to problematic maritime regions such as the garbage patches and will solve the problem right on site.


So far in 2022, the Ocean Future Lab project has held 5 online workshops as well as 4 face-to-face workshops at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, the Ozeaneum – the German Maritime Museum in Stralsund, the Futurium Berlin and the Berlin International University Berlin.

In the workshops, utopian narratives on the question “How do we want to live with the oceans?” were developed in a transdisciplinary and co-creative way. Some of these narratives have been visualized by participating artists. Now we want to present these results to you. They will be presented in exhibitions of the participating museums, on the internet and social media to broaden the dialogue with a larger audience. 


Jan Schneider was commissioned for two visualizations. The graduated communication designer and scenographer works as a concept artist, 3D modeler (video games) and set designer for animation and live action films in Berlin. From 2009-2014 he was an artistic assistant in the scenography department at HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam. Since 2014 he has been a lecturer in “Digital Image” at the Film University Babelsberg.


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