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Future Quake – a Berlin Utopia

Future Quake – a Berlin Utopia by Philomena Koebele

ARTIST // Philomena Koebele

MUSIC // Lena Radivoj



In this version of a Berlin utopia, Philomena Koebele focuses on the preservation of the old buildings that characterize the cityscape. Due to the population growth within the city, new houses are built on top of the existing ones. Thus, city life is possible on several levels. Thin steel pillars support the old-style „floating“ houses with plants covering their undersides. The roofs of the houses are also cultivated, mainly as a useful and living space for people and animals. Bicycles are the main mode of transport for environmental and health reasons. Bicycle lanes have been built upwards through the entire city and sometimes even through houses to make the journeys as efficient and short as possible.


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