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Budapest 2050

Budapest 2050 by Anna Lászlò

ARTIST // Anna Láslò

MUSIC // Max H. Preuß, Ole Wiedekamm



In 2050, everyone gets a bubble flat as a gift from the European Union for their 18th birthday and can use it to float freely across the continent. For example, students can fly from Budapest to Berlin in a couple of days while having online lessons via Zoom. The bubble flats are slow and can be parked anywhere. This „utopia“ was inspired by the fact that during the Corona crisis the borders were closed. This restriction to travel made a lot of people very uneasy. Another pillar of the utopia was the widespread concern of the younger generations that they are less likely to have their own homes in the future. Housing is a big problem in Budapest as well as in Berlin. The utopia aimes to remove this obstacle as well.


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