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Recycled Dreams

ARTIST // Lisa Meyer



In the aftermath of a colossal image crisis for his father’s corporate giant, “Gaia New,” Anthony is tasked with relocating the recycling business to Europe. Berlin, with its central location, existing infrastructure, and ample space, particularly in the gentrified but vacant buildings of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, proves to be the perfect choice.

Amid the decay of once-grand structures, Gaia New sees an opportunity. The million-dollar enterprise not only possesses the financial means to restore these aging buildings but also aligns with their core principle – repurposing the old into the new. While Anthony admires and supports his father’s endeavors, a childhood dream of becoming a goldsmith tugs at him, and he struggles to reconcile his own aspirations with familial expectations.

As Anthony strives to fulfill his duties at Gaia New, his office in GaiaTown becomes a refuge where he can navigate both worlds. Yet, the cozy corners of his historic apartment constantly beckon him, offering a glimpse into a parallel life where his passion for goldsmithing takes center stage.

A perpetual loop entraps our protagonist. Gradually awakening from a peculiar dream (initially uncertain if it’s a rehearsal), she anticipates her best friend’s party. Odd occurrences unfold – forgetting her friend’s name, a persistent bartender, and a sudden ringing phone echoing through the room. Before deciding to answer the call, she finds herself back in the rehearsal space, trapped in a surreal cycle.

The short film concept aimed to create a stark contrast between the hallway (the “real world”) and the bar (the “magical realm”). While the original idea included filling the room’s picture frames with mirrors, time constraints hindered its realization. Despite missing some intricate details, the film effectively captures the distinct transition between these realms. The narrative subtly suggests that resolution and meticulous planning could have enhanced the film, underscoring the importance of balance between dreams and responsibilities.


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