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Unveiling Shadows

ARTIST // Rika Schneider



In the dazzling cityscape of Potsdam 2050, the urban marvels defy gravity and convention. Towering arcologies, intricately woven with vertical greenery, rise like colossal sculptures, harnessing renewable energies and blending seamlessly into the lush surroundings. The skyline, adorned with holographic projections and levitating structures, is a testament to a harmonious coexistence between nature and technology.

Hovering transport pods glide silently along magnetic tracks, connecting floating neighborhoods suspended above the city. Skybridges adorned with luminescent vegetation create an ethereal labyrinth, connecting districts thriving with vibrant cultural expressions. Augmented reality graffiti dances along the sides of buildings, transforming static facades into dynamic canvases that tell stories of innovation and rebellion.

Vero, aged 27, explores this city of wonders, where self-expression flourishes amidst a symphony of futuristic sounds and sights. Vertical gardens interspersed with interactive sculptures form a utopian landscape, inviting residents to engage in a continuous dialogue with their surroundings.

In the heart of the metropolis, the lecture venue for Mercedes, the charismatic face of the capitalist counter-movement, is an architectural masterpiece. Holographic facades shift and morph, projecting messages of ambition and self-realization. Attendees navigate through immersive augmented reality experiences, blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital realms.

Tucher, the former clergyman, conducts their “little confession” within a virtual chapel suspended in the sky. The serene backdrop of floating islands and holographic constellations adds a surreal layer to their introspective conversations.

Vero’s activities unfold against a cityscape where transparent walkways lead to floating markets showcasing bioengineered fruits and sustainable tech gadgets. Augmented reality art installations bloom in mid-air, responding to the collective emotions of the passersby, creating a dynamic tapestry of emotions woven into the city’s fabric.

The illegal car auction, set against the backdrop of a holographic water feature in an elevated alcove, reveals the city’s underbelly. Neon signs flicker with covert messages as residents move seamlessly through a bustling black-market district hidden within the urban labyrinth.

As Vero grapples with conflicting influences, the city of Potsdam stands as an enigmatic character, reflecting the intricacies of a society constantly oscillating between tradition and innovation. Against this backdrop, Vero’s journey becomes a dance between shadows and light, an exploration of self within the mesmerizing embrace of a futuristic Potsdam.


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